Multimodal's Design Transformation with Bridgewood Creative

See how Bridgewood Creative’s strategic redesign of Multimodal’s website and mobile app led to a 345% surge in page views and a 74% increase in user retention, enhancing both user engagement and business performance.

"Bridgewood Creative has been an incredible design partner for us for over a year now, working on everything from mobile app UI/UX design, to our website, blog, and sales collateral. Highly recommend!"

Ankur P.

Webflow web design

Product app UI

Pitch decks

Style guide

Sales collateral


Multimodal was seeking to improve their digital engagement and needed a design partner capable of revitalizing their tech platforms. They faced challenges in maintaining user interest and converting website visitors into engaged users.


Bridgewood Creative undertook a comprehensive redesign of Multimodal’s digital assets. We developed a dynamic Webflow website with enhanced usability and aesthetic appeal, which significantly improved the user experience. Our team also revamped the mobile app’s UI/UX, making it more intuitive and user-friendly, which was crucial for increasing user retention rates. The new design was aligned with the latest trends and best practices, ensuring a modern and engaging user interface.


Our collaboration with Multimodal resulted in dramatic improvements in both user engagement and operational efficiency:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The website redesign led to a 345% increase in page views, significantly broadening the reach and impact of Multimodal’s online presence.
  • Improved User Retention: The mobile app’s UI/UX enhancements were instrumental in increasing user retention by 74%, demonstrating a substantial enhancement in user satisfaction and app usability.
increase in page views following the website redesign
increase in user retention after mobile app UI/UX improvements