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About us

We're a design agency with a surprise. All of our design plans come with unlimited requests and revisions. SURPRISE!

"World-class design for half the price of in-house designers."

Unlimited website and graphic design to supercharge your marketing.
Is your current design process meeting your needs? Or has it become a costly, time-consuming effort? Whatever it may be, we have the solution.

When you sign up for one of our plans, you receive a dedicated designer that works on all of your design projects (website or graphic). You can send them as many requests as you'd like throughout the month. Treat your designer as an in-house employee - they can handle one project at a time. Once you have approved a project, your designer will get started on the next project in the queue. Keep 'em coming!

We are Bridgewood Creative, a Des Moines, Iowa-based design company helping small to mid-sized businesses scale their brand through unlimited graphic and website design.

If you’re a business looking to optimize your current website, brand, or online presence, Bridgewood Creative caters to your unique needs and strategically positions your brand for long-term, sustainable growth through unlimited design.
Low, flat rate
Time & cost efficient
Unlimited requests
Unlimited revisions
1-2 day turnaround
Local designers
Unlimited design

Save $40k/yr with unlimited design.

How it works

Our unlimited design service is pretty straight-forward. Just sign up for a plan and follow the steps below.

Submit a request.
Relax while your talented designer gets to work.
Download your files and do a happy dance.
Could you design a Facebook ad for us?
You betcha! We'll have your first draft to you in a few hours.
Awesome! You're the best!
Here's your draft. Let us know if you need any revisions!
Looks AMAZING! I'll send you a new project here soon!

“Design will continue to be the driver of change, making innovation tangible and disruption possible.”

“For every $1 invested in professional graphic design, companies can expect over $20 in increased revenue.”

“94% of visitors judge your business' credibility based on the look of your website.”