How Bridgewood Creative Revitalized BaseCamp Franchising’s Brand

Learn how Bridgewood Creative helped BaseCamp Franchising boost their click-through rates by 13% and reduce annual marketing expenses by $39,300 through innovative in-store and online advertising strategies.

"Bridgewood Creative did a phenomenal job of bringing our stagnant brand to life. Their creativity and attention to detail is just what we needed."

Amy L.
Chief Marketing Officer
Basecamp Franchising

In-store advertising

Online creative

Sales collateral


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BaseCamp Franchising, a leader in the retail franchising sector, found their brand perception becoming static and their advertising impact diminishing over time. They were in urgent need of revitalizing their brand and optimizing their marketing spend to better capture and engage their target audience across various channels.


Bridgewood Creative stepped in to transform BaseCamp Franchising’s marketing approach. We undertook a comprehensive redesign of their in-store ads to enhance customer engagement and store experience. For their online presence, we developed creative assets that were not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversion, leading to increased click-through rates. Additionally, we restructured their sales collateral to align with the new vibrant branding, ensuring consistency across all customer touchpoints. Our efforts were focused on maximizing visual impact and minimizing costs, providing BaseCamp with a fresh and cost-effective marketing strategy.


The innovative strategies implemented by Bridgewood Creative delivered substantial improvements in marketing effectiveness and efficiency:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The redesign and strategic placement of in-store ads and online creatives led to a significant 13% increase in click-through rates, indicating higher customer engagement and interest.
  • Cost Reduction: We streamlined and optimized the marketing processes, resulting in annual savings of $39,300, allowing BaseCamp to allocate resources more effectively and invest in other areas of growth.
increase in click-through rates (CTR)
annual savings in marketing costs