How We Enhanced Artia Solutions' Marketing Efficiency and Cut Costs

Discover how Bridgewood Creative helped Artia Solutions slash design costs by $34,500 annually and accelerate project delivery by 24 hours through expert design services.

"We considered hiring a full-time graphic designer, but we were having trouble finding someone with enough experience who wasn't freelance. We love working with Bridgewood Creative because of the quality and timeliness of their work."

Melody Kitchens
VP of Marketing
Artia Solutions

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Artia Solutions was confronted with rising design expenses that were increasingly cutting into their operational budget. The company was also experiencing consistent delays in the turnaround times for critical marketing projects. These challenges were becoming a significant hurdle in maintaining their competitive edge in the fast-paced healthcare industry. They required a cost-effective and efficient solution to handle their growing needs without the overhead associated with expanding their in-house design team.


In response to these challenges, Bridgewood Creative offered a tailored service package designed to integrate seamlessly with Artia Solutions' existing marketing strategies. Our team provided a comprehensive suite of design services, encompassing everything from creating visually appealing pitch decks that communicate value effectively, to producing engaging social media creatives and display ads that capture audience attention. We focused on enhancing brand consistency across all platforms, which is crucial for building trust and recognition in the healthcare market. Our approach was not only about delivering designs but also about ensuring these designs achieved strategic marketing objectives.


Our strategic intervention led to a dual impact of cost reduction and enhanced operational efficiency:

  • Reduced Costs: Through our partnership, Artia Solutions saw an annual reduction in design costs amounting to $34,500. This saving came from optimizing design processes and eliminating the need for additional full-time design staff.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: We improved the turnaround time for completing design projects by 24 hours, which significantly accelerated Artia’s ability to go to market with new campaigns and updates. This increase in speed has allowed Artia to be more agile and responsive to market changes, giving them a competitive advantage in the dynamic healthcare sector.
Annual cost savings
24 hours
Improved turnaround time