Transforming Add Value Machine’s Digital Strategy with Webflow

See how Bridgewood Creative enabled Add Value Machine to save $14,500 and cut down project delivery times by two months, all through a strategic transition to Webflow and a redesign of their digital touchpoints.

"The Bridgewood Creative team did a phenomenal job. We were on HubSpot CMS and wanted to transfer to Webflow. We were able to do a full site transition and major brand design upgrade leveraging their design, copywriting, and dev team resources. 100% Recommend!"

Chris A.
Chief Marketing Officer
Add Value Machine

Webflow web design

Website graphics

Product design

Figma UI

Zapier Integration


Add Value Machine was working within the constraints of the HubSpot CMS, which limited their ability to scale and adapt their digital presence as needed. They needed a platform that could provide greater flexibility and better support their dynamic business model. Moreover, their social media visuals and product dashboards required a fresh, modern redesign to enhance user interaction and reflect their innovative approach.


Bridgewood Creative stepped in to guide Add Value Machine through a full migration from HubSpot to Webflow, enhancing site functionality and user experience with a sleek new design. This transition was not just about changing platforms but also involved a strategic overhaul of their website’s architecture to improve performance and scalability. Simultaneously, our designers crafted compelling social media graphics and restructured the product dashboard in Figma, focusing on usability and aesthetic appeal to better engage users.


Our work with Add Value Machine brought about substantial improvements across multiple aspects of their business:

  • Cost Efficiency: We optimized the design and development workflow, effectively saving the company around $14,500.
  • Time Efficiency: By completing the project two months faster than the average agency, we helped Add Value Machine accelerate their new initiatives and enhance their market presence.
  • Brand Improvement: The new website and digital assets have significantly improved the overall user experience, offering a stronger, more cohesive brand identity that captures the essence of Add Value Machine’s innovative spirit.
saved in development and design costs
reduction in project turnaround time compared to typical agency timelines