Will I Own The Rights To The Designs?

The short answer is YES!

The short answer is YES! Every piece of creative your designer develops is an original design which you own (website or graphic). You can do whatever you want with it! Want to know the best news? Our designers are local and we refuse to design unoriginal/stock content.

Every piece of work is unique to you and your brand!

Unlimited Design Rights

All of your designs are for you to use however you'd like, and we supply you with the native source files (Ai, EPS, PSD, INDD, etc.) so you can execute your marketing plan effectively! There are some rare cases where you don't own the property rights. The only way the rights for a design are in jeopardy is if you find a licensed image on Google and tell your designer to use it. If you want an image added to your request, we assume you own the rights to the image!

You can totally pull images from Google to show your designer what you're looking for and for some inspiration (that's encouraged)! If you have any questions about our unlimited design packages, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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